Alright, thats me πŸ™‚

German dude who is trying to run an english website πŸ™‚ Please excuse my spelling but i am quite shure you’ll always know what i am talking about.

I Started travelling more or less in 2008 after i got really bored of my regular fulltime job. I guess it is just a classical story, the dream everybody got.

I sold all my stuff and started travelling, first in Australia and then always on and off here and there. At the moment i am trying to have the bigges journey of my live, going as far as i can, pushing myself to the limit from time to time and try to be as relaxed as it could be.

Right now i am working in a boatyard to gain the needed knowlege for sailing and fixing the boat myself. In a long term i would love to give people the oppotunity to sail with me for little money. Sailing together is more fun then alone.

This website is going to tell my story πŸ™‚