The first crew, niclas alias „dr. Lötkolben“ and Thorben alias  „Kähte“ joined me for a delivery sail from Flensburg to Warnemünde. We started in a nice and warm breez, quickly discovering the faulty autopilot.Not a big deal, we thought so we continued the 90 nm handsteering towards Warnemünde.

Dawn came quickly while the pick up time for the boat was 7 pm. Half of the night was just amazing, following winds and seas. Nice sailing but even the best skipper needs some rest. Since the crew haven’t much of experience, we dicited to take the sails down to use the engine while i went to sleep.
The wind picked up and so did the swell. We startet rocking from the left to the right, fourth and back. Thick rain covert us in and we, well the crew, got souking wet.
I’ve been just resting when i heard the enging loosing speed. Comming up i got ask who exactly is in the right to drive. I didn’t need to ask after i saw his face. A giant Cruzliner in front of us where already almost standing still to try to give us our way. Never called thru so i made shure we chanced the course to give him way. He speeded up straight away.
Guess i learned something out of that. Never go as sleep if you got an unexperience crew on bord 🙂
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Käthe didn’t wanna be on a picture 🙁