If you like to crawl on you knees, this will be your job 🙂

Teak care is maybe one of the jobs you would not imagine how much time you have to invest to get it done nicely. Also, you need to keep doing it. After the sailing season finished the work at the decks started. First you really need to clean them and give’em a good swab with a special sponge and a lot of water.

After crawling for about a day, pending on how bad the condition already is, you will have a fairly good looking deck. But !!!! you are not done by then. After everything did dry out, you add some „cosmetic care product“ to make shure that it will be a lot more easy next time.

Folks !! Always take care for your teak all year round, It doesn’t take much effort if you maintain it regulary. Sadly i saw some realy bad ones wich where almost impossible to save. Teak it is a very expensive and unique timber.

Here some Pictures of those we could save. Sorry for not provide you with more but it is fairly hard to take pictures while working.

We got some awsome projects going on at the moment. So it doesn’t look like we will run out of storys to fast.

See you next time

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cosmetic care product