In young age of around 12 years, a stranger walked up to me while i worked on my little outbord powered boat, asking me if i could help him pushing his sailing catamaran on the side. I told him i would be to young and not strong enough to do so, but he told me not to worry. After he showed me what to do, i really got exited how the size of the mast works together with the boat and even a small dude like me could handl it. Long story short, he ask me to come sailing with him and i went up to my mom. „luckly“ she was as sleep… she always said „yes“ to everything when she’s been as sleep….. Jackpot 🙂  … Stranger danger ??? pff who cares 🙂  So off we go sailing. Amazing !!! from that day on i just had sailing in mind. Ever since, i had this dream, every single day without missing a day of getting my own boat and go sailing, give others the opportunity of sailing just like i got it. It may still take a year or so, but it will happen… Never lose your dreams and keep fighting for them

Maddo Norgi