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Last Boat delivery in Germany

Our last delivery before we went to Australia to stay for one year has been a amazing Jeannau 53′.

It has been quite hard to find a Crew for that delivery as i just had a short notice of the Owner. Anyways, i’ve been strocked as a call from Holland reached me that he would come over to sail with me. Benjamin arrived on spot and in time, unfortunatly we got held up for 3 days due bad wether.

We used the time to discover the area, have a few cold beer and get to know each other a little better. As we finaly got on our way we had a nice and smooth sail. Well almost to less wind so it turned out that we had to Motor for about 8 hours thru the night with an arrivel at 7am. We anchord in a nice bay and after a quite day and night with no wind at all, the next day gave us perfect condition and great sailing. Thanks for being part of this. hope to see you again.

sailed: May 2016

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Lilo is takeing us sailing

Lilo brought us out onto the baltic sea. She took 3 friends of mine and me out for some realy nice hours of sailing.

She was simply one of the best boats i have sailed. Still, it didn’t prevent my bestie of gettn a little sea sick. I loved this day of sailing so much, i didn’t even wanna turn around to go back home, but as it is with delivery yachts.

But after one fine weekend we had to give the yacht back to the owner and everything that was left was awsome memorys and a beer in the evening…


DSC00440 DSC00442 DSC00443 DSC00444 DSC00445 DSC00446 DSC00447

Take your mom out Sailing

Mothersday… time for sailing 😉
This time we got a nice litte yacht for a day, simply becourse we are part of the team and build up some trust over the time.

Wether has been nice and the wind was just perfect so i thought the best would be if i take my mom out to show her why i am so passion about what i am doing.

surprisingly she loved it more then i thought. Well she couldn’t do it for longer then a weekend but the day has been just great. We even got the chance to watch a parade of old tall ships sailing by as we been anchoring for luch time.

If you ever got the chance, show your mom some love and take her out for the best thing in the world…… sailing..

DSC00431 DSC00432 DSC00433 DSC00434 DSC00437 DSC00438

footage from May 2016

Crew Bernd and Christiane

One fine day out sailing. Yes we love to take every opportunity to go sailing, so this time i got a „help“ call to teach some harbor maneuver. After about 5 hours of going in and out of the box and get to know the boat just well, we decided to to a evening sail with nice cooking on bord, amazing talks and pure fun, just how it needs to be on a fun boat. After comming home we enjoyed some realy good red wine.
Thank you so much for this awsome day at sea Bernd and Christiane.


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Delivery crew needed

CREW needed for yacht delivery. we got one week time to bring the yacht from Rostock (60nm east of fehmarn) to flensburg. start ASAP. back in flensburg latest next saturday. cost share in case we want to go into port, otherwise we will anchor to save money.. sailing just 4 fun, even i don’t get money but hey, we go sailing… we go and bye food together or you bring some, we can talk about it.. who’s in ?? no drugs or massive alcohol consuming alowed…. for more info, please contact me.. you don’t really need to know how to sail but night watch may accures pending on wether contition


duration: about may 15 to may 21

How everything got started

In young age of around 12 years, a stranger walked up to me while i worked on my little outbord powered boat, asking me if i could help him pushing his sailing catamaran on the side. I told him i would be to young and not strong enough to do so, but he told me not to worry. After he showed me what to do, i really got exited how the size of the mast works together with the boat and even a small dude like me could handl it. Long story short, he ask me to come sailing with him and i went up to my mom. „luckly“ she was as sleep… she always said „yes“ to everything when she’s been as sleep….. Jackpot 🙂  … Stranger danger ??? pff who cares 🙂  So off we go sailing. Amazing !!! from that day on i just had sailing in mind. Ever since, i had this dream, every single day without missing a day of getting my own boat and go sailing, give others the opportunity of sailing just like i got it. It may still take a year or so, but it will happen… Never lose your dreams and keep fighting for them

Maddo Norgi

Gaining knowledge – Renew the Keel plate and laminate Step three

Isn’t it weird, that you work for weeks without the feeling of gettn somewhere ? Well eventually you reach a point where things just fall into pieces and all of a sudden you’re almost done with the whole projekt.

Today i’d like to show you how far we got in the last couple of weeks. Of course we still need to work a little bit at it but we’re almost there.


Gaining knowledge – Renew the Keel plate and laminate

Part Two:

After removing the old and brocken laminate, it was time to repower the floor-laminate and get the braket plates in. We used a real hard foam to shape them before we glued them in. It took a long time to get everything in shape but we finaly made it, so time for the next step


Gaining knowledge – Renew the Keel-plate and laminate

Part one:

It turned out that just like humans, boats don’t like to get old and neither get run into the ground. We are working at the moment on two boats which either got old and need some up polishing, or did get run onto rocks. There is a big effort involved in fixing these kinds of incidents. What you need to know about removing GFK is


Gaining knowlege – Teak Care

If you like to crawl on you knees, this will be your job 🙂

Teak care is maybe one of the jobs you would not imagine how much time you have to invest to get it done nicely. Also, you need to keep doing it. After the sailing season finished the work at the decks started. First you really need to clean them and give’em a good swab with a special sponge and a lot of water.


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