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Blog DK-S-N 2015

How the Funbus became a Funboat

Sep. 2015

On my nice drive down south, i met my long term friends in Trollhätten / Sweden and Oskeström / Sweden.

I had such an amazing time, arriving in Trollhätten, seeing all my nice Friends from before. We went out for paintball, had awsome time in the Sauna and as always…. a lot of beer 🙂

ok, down to the Funboat:

Since i arrived in Norway i always missed sailing, the ocean and the watery fresh air. So after i came back home i decided to go to my old friend and yacht-renting place to ask if he would have a yacht to deliver. Guess what, he had. So off i went to call my friends who wanna come. No one really wanned so i more or less went off on my own. Just last minute, two friends came by to sail at least the first 15 miles.

WP_20150918_19_57_41_Pro DSC00370

After spending a nice evening in the marina, i sailed to an little island and spent one and a half day ankering in a nice bay. Heavy winds and big swells made it realy hard sailing the 150 miles. Even tho i had half wind, we had some ruff time. Last day in, no winds… so i ended up using the engine for 50 miles non stop.. So great and i would do it always again


more pics in the photo gallerie


Workaway in Follebu

25.Juli 2015

Soon i will be on my first Workaway experience in Follebu. You can read about it in the MISSION section…

Really looking forward to do so since i have no Idea what to espect

Boring to do nothing


as the most know by now, i got a broken hand and that makes me to just walk around and pretty much doing nothing. Well, let’s say it is good for a while but after tree weeks of just being able to drive around and not using my kajak or bike, thinks slowly start to get very boring.

Altrue i have some people travelling with me from time to time i still hoped it would be more but ad i just discoverd, i simply came in the wrong time, everybody ist just starting to go to norway..

From August 16, i will stay at a farm for some work for food and accomadation. i am looking forward to have people around me for a little longer. You will get some informations as soon i got some :)

For now i am at the „Atlantikrouten“ wich i gonna check out tomorrow, from there i will slowly make my way to röros and then dowm to Lillehammer where i am going to stay for a while.

So far nothing did really happen. Norway is a really nice country but i am loking forward for the other ones, too


all the best


Broken Car and broken body 🙂

During a nice Mountenbike ride i discovered that bikes don’t really like big rocks so i went down and hurt myself really bad. Hip, back and engle got a good amount on skretches and my wrist and ankle is sprained. I actually have problems shifting gears and sipping up my pans :)

While i’ve been driving thru the mountains my breaks got strange. I couldn’t break hard anymore so i had to drive much slower and more careful into the next village where it took them only  minutes to fix the problem. A pressure pipe came off, so he simply connected again and didn’t even charce any money.. sweet :)

Since in wasted way to much fuel, i decided to chance my plan, take a ferry to my next destination and hang around for a lot more time at each spot.

Next Stop: Fjordland around Førde

Almost the Norway i am looking for

After ssticking to the main Highway i decidet to leave it for smaller traks. Not alway easy to drive with the trailor but you see more nice places like my last sleeping spot.

800 m hight

2,7 ° C lowest temp.

totaly silence at night

unfortunatly i forgot to piut the SD-Card back into my cam so we don’t have a pic of it.  But just as i kept driveing nice viewes came in.


I may can not do the Trollunga while i heard it is a 10 houres hike and my knees are not doing as well as they should.. we’ll see

all the best



Way to Norway

Yap, as you know, i am in Norway by now.

We saw all the pictures of Norway and we are still looking forward to see all the stuff in real live. At the moment we’re „just“ at the coast without any mountains.

The people here are awsome and i finaly met my longterm friend Richard Rench again. Haveing a cool time at the bar he is working in and enjoying the torm of Tonsberg.

I guess i will stay here undtil friday.  From there on i work my way further up north-west. First goal is a massive mountain calls Trolltunga. You should google it so you know what i am up to :)

Have a great time and see you soon :)

Good bye Sweden

Today will be the day.

After Overstaying in Sweden for more then 10 Days we finaly are going to Norway. Around Lunchtime i’ll pick up two students and we’ll gonna have a nice two days trip towarts Olso/Norway. The wether is just perfect and the mood couldn’t be better.

I had a great time here in sweden with a lot of amazing people, it makes it actually a little hard to leave this amazing country.

You can see on my map that i criss crossed a little on the west-cost so i am looking forward to explore the east-cost on my way back.

Time to leave the amazing nature of sweden.

Copenhagen to Sweden

After a really late start in Kollund i made my way to Roskilde in Dankmark where i joined a gig of my friend Rasmus Volden. He has been playing with the band of Bjonko. He kindly wrote me onto the guestlist and i could enjoy any minute of the concert and the backstage meetup with the band.

After a night full of meeting people at the concert and the pup afterwards, we went for an awsome bike ride around town. Copenhagen got a lot to offer but it totaly helps to have a local tourguide. As CPH even got special „Bike Highways“ it is highly recomended to explore the city on two wheels.

I left CPH in the middel of the night after i checked the wether for the next day. A lot of wind has been forcasted so i wouldn’t have made it over the bridge. I got totaly lost while i tryed to find the bridge around midnight, s o i got sort of guided towards Helsingborg, where i knew a ferry would get me to Sweden aswell. Good decision as we had high wind speed already.

Monday the first of June i arrived at the house of my 2nd host Cicilia, but you will read about that somewhen later.

Thank you for following my blog :)

Starting soon

Yes we made it. The Setup is complete, the tasks are almost done and we just need to buy some food for the Trip and fire the engine up.

Of couse we are not going to forget to say „good bye“ or „see ya soon“ to all of the friends and familie.

Right now it does look like we are ready to leave on sat. 30th of May and the first stop will be Copenhagen in Danmark.

I am so looking forward to this trip. We’ll keep you updated