Host No. 10 – Lucie the calm one. Such a nice couple wich gave me my dreams back i sort of lost on the way. One day i will return up to get more of those awsome conversations, relaxing and inspireing. Thank you for hosting me



Surfer No. 6 – HOOLLLAAANNNNDDD, the dutch sisters where far from normal 🙂 i loved that. So we spend tree days together after picking those Hich hikers up


Host No. 9 – Thea the first time Host. After a nice drive to Standa, Thea and her lovely familie welcomed me. I even overstayed one night. Thank you so much for hosting me



Surfer No. 5 – Stefanie from Canada or how we would say „miss Fanny“ We traveled together for a week andslept like a 6 year old 🙂 Thanks Steff, i hope to see you again somewhere in this world


Surfer No. 4 – The Hitch Hiker. I picked Olli up and shared some nice storys, coffee, cookis and cheese. Sorry for the really small bed 🙂 Have a nice trip 🙂


Host No. 8 – Freaky David 🙂 He was one of the not that talk aktiv one bt you can tell that he is a good freak 🙂 i loved his way of living and chilling. Thank you so much Dave for hosting me. Sorry for the trouble i coursed 🙂


Host No. 7- My longterm friend from england who is living in norway now hostet me for a few days. We had a great time and real good food and drinks.. Thanks Rich for this awsome time



Surfer No. 3 came in a pack of two. They where studens from Norway and germany based in Trollhättan/sweden. They turned out to be my host at first, then surfer of the bus and then my host again.. What an epic trip we had towards Oslo. Thanks guys for the gread road trip 🙂



Host No. 6 – The Hospital 🙂 after i caught a cold, Ingrit hosted me for two nights. Thank you for giving me the time to recover 🙂



Host No. 5 – The Cabbin in the Woods. The Silence of Björns place is indescribable. What a nice and calm dude. We’ll see us again. Thank you so much



Host No. 4 – The activ German. Til hosted me in Trollhättan and showed me around town and amazing nature. Thx for the activ start of the Week



Host No. 3 – The unexpected host Elin 🙂 All of a sudden i parked in her driveway. Thx for great food and a good time at your house.



Host No. 2 The Cicilia-crowd of Öskeström. 5 of’em are missing in this picture but i loved’em all. Tank you so much



Host No. 1 – Rasmus Volden is a good friend and musician from Copenhagen. Thank you so much for this absolutly awsome time.



Surfer No. 2 – came out of Poland with his Motorbike. Thank You for staying with me Krzysiek Wroblewski. Life’s journey




Surfer No. 1 – Jeanne from Frace where the first guest at this great journey or we use to say: That was fucking awsome. 🙂


Thanks Jeanne for being Part of this Trip