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Gaining knowlege – Polishing


Did you ever get up and looked at your boat a little bit more then normaly ? Well you should. It turns out that after a while it will look a little dull and dirty. There is just one thing you can do, give’em a good clean and polish it up. The last week i had the massive pleasure to polish a couple of boats. I just had the chance to take a picture of one but you will see what i am talking about 🙂


The first boat – a disaster

I always loved the water and sailing, so I decided to buy my own sailing boat a few years ago. The problem with that: I had no idea what I was doing. Weiterlesen

Gaining knowlege – Antifoul

One important thing in sailing is of course…. The part of the boat beneath the waterline.

You may think it is pretty simple: A little bit of special paint on it and the boat will be happy. Well, it is a little harder than that.


Looking for a job an getting it…

One thing is clear, in order to go sailing and give others the oppotunity of sailing, you need money and knowlege. What I needed was a job related to boats. Weiterlesen

First Crew at the Fun-Boat

The first crew, niclas alias „dr. Lötkolben“ and Thorben alias  „Kähte“ joined me for a delivery sail from Flensburg to Warnemünde. We started in a nice and warm breez, quickly discovering the faulty autopilot.Not a big deal, we thought so we continued the 90 nm handsteering towards Warnemünde.


How the Funbus became a Funboat

Sep. 2015

On my nice drive down south, i met my long term friends in Trollhätten / Sweden and Oskeström / Sweden.

I had such an amazing time, arriving in Trollhätten, seeing all my nice Friends from before. We went out for paintball, had awsome time in the Sauna and as always…. a lot of beer 🙂

ok, down to the Funboat:


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